Kusmi: St. Petersburg

Product summary:

Created for the 300-year celebration of the city of St. Petersburg, where Kusmi Tea’s history began in 1867, St. Petersburg is a delicious mixture of Earl Grey, caramel, and red fruits with a hint of vanilla.

We suggest to enjoy this tea during the afternoon.
Main flavor: Sweet citrus and berries

Two options: 

4.4 oz. Metal Tin

Metal tin containing 4.4 oz of loose tea. Hermetic and easily recloseable, which allows the tea to preserve and keep its flavor. Re-usable, this metal tin can be refilled with Kusmi loose tea or muslin bags.

20 Muslin Tea Bags

Box with 20 muslin tea bags. The loose tea is filled in cotton tea bags, unbleached and free of staples or glue, which allows the tea leaves to unfurl and release their whole flavor.

Category: Kusmi Tea

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