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The Faithful Shopper: Tea Is the New Chocolate!

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These days, everyone is looking for an affordable luxury, a way to treat yourself without busting your budget. A few years back, that might have been a specialty coffee (a quadruple-shot-no-whip non-fat whatever??). And my love of chocolate is well known. But now there's a new - or rather ancient - way to indulge: tea.

Whether it's black, green, red or white, tea is the new chocolate - an indulgence that because of its antioxidant varieties is actually good for you. And a number of new purveyors from around the globe are opening in the city to give you a chance to learn what people from India, China, and Africa have known for centuries - there's more to tea than what's in your supermarket!

And the granddaddy of them all:

McNulty's Tea & Coffee Co.
109 Christopher St.
A visit to the 19th century, literally - McNulty's has been selling premium tea and coffee since 1895. Offering both packaged teas from Twinings, Bewley's and others, and loose blends from the traditional Earl Grey to flavors such as Blueberry and passionfruit.

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