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Grace Tea Company: 8-oz. Loose Tea

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The Grace Tea Company has been a New York institution since its founding in 1959. The character and style of Grace Rare Teas were developed by Grace’s founder, Frank Cho. At Grace’s inception, Cho was known by many as an expert tea taster who had an unparalleled ability to taste the nuances of the various tea leaves. He created many of the tea blends still offered today, focusing on combining rare teas from China, India, Formosa and Ceylon. His elegant black tin with a clipper ship on its label, filled to the top with the finest tea available, is a well sought after luxury item to this day.

Buying options (Loose Tea):

  • Pure Assam Irish Breakfast (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Winey Keemun English Breakfast (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Darjeeling Superb 6000 (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Fancy Ceylon Mountain Grown (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Connoisseur Master Blend (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Russian Caravan (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Earl Grey Superior Mixture (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Lapsang Souchong Smoky No. 1 (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Formosa Oolong Champagne of Teas (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Gunpowder Pearl Pinhead Green (8.0 oz/227g)
  • Flowery Jasmine Before the Rain (8.0 oz/227g)