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Teekanne Teas are 100% all-natural herbal tea blends developed to bring both FLAVOR & FUNCTION into harmony. With no added sugars, artificial additives or preservatives, Teekanne Teas are in line with your search for a healthy lifestyle. These premium blends deliver a wide range of flavor choices bringing you new taste experiences that will energize, relax or soothe your mind and body. Bring more enjoyment and indulgence to your life. Teekanne Classic Herbal Blends: Our 100% all-natural Teekanne herbal and fruit infusions are naturally caffeine free and contain no added sugar, artificial additives or preservatives. They are in line with today's healthy lifestyles and a good alternative to other drinks.

Five Options: 20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz. (40g):

  • Camomile
  • Fennel
  • Rosehip & Hibiscus
  • Peppermint