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McNulty's Lunar New Year Tea Gift Set

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The Lunar New Year Leaf Tea Gift Set contains some of our finest loose-leaf teas from the shop. Expertly chosen for tea enthusiasts, this tea collection offers a wealth of flavor that will delight the senses,  from light and floral to earthy and complex. 

Each McNulty's Premium Leaf Tea Gift Set contains 2 ounces of Golden Monkey, Yunnan Gold Tips, Milk Oolong, and Snow Sprouting Green. A perfect gift set for tea lovers everywhere!

Descriptions -

Golden Monkey: Harvested only in the Spring, this carefully selected, golden-tipped black tea yields a mild taste with complex undertones. This tea is a store favorite!

Yunnan Gold Tips: The tea is made from young tea buds, which contribute to its unique appearance and distinct taste. It has a rich, malty flavor with subtle notes of honey and chocolate. 

Milk Oolong: Known for its creamy and smooth flavor profile. The tea is not actually flavored with milk but it undergoes a processing method that imparts a milky and buttery notes.

Snow Sprouting Green: It is characterized by its young and tender leaves covered with white hairs, resembling snowflakes. It offers a light, sweet taste with floral notes.

Note: Packaging colors may differ as pictured. Gift Set orders can take 3 to 5 business days to ship. Quantities are limited.